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Helping Hands

Education, Nonprofit, Social Impact

Career Advisor

Sheryl Rosenberg

Career Center

Peer Mentor


  • JumboVote

  • Jumpstart

  • The Tufts University Prison Initiative of Tisch College

  • Access Better the Lives of Everyone

  • Advancing Civil Thought in Our Nation

  • Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and Services

  • Amnesty International

  • Best Buddies

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Camp Kesem

  • Child Development Association

  • Climate Action

  • College Access Mentoring Initiative

  • Cooperation and Innovation in Citizenship

  • Distressed Children and Infants International


Related Majors

  • Child Study and Human Development

  • Civic Studies

  • English

  • Political Science

  • Sociology

Related Minors

  • Education 

  • Social Justice Anthropology

  • Peace and Justice Studies

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