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The Sharewood Project

We partner with Sharewood at Tufts Medical School to send volunteers to expand healthcare access at the CHA Malden clinic

The Sharewood Project

The Sharewood Project is now open as of September 2022 for the first time since March 2020!

To learn more about The Sharewood Project, go here:

Sharewood is now partnering with Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) Malden. Undergraduates help with patient intake, patient history, and take patient vitals in conjunction with TUSM students, residences, attendings, translators, and other volunteers.

Clinic now runs 1:30-4:30 pm every Saturday. Reach out to with questions about getting involved!

Previously (Fall 2021- Spring 2022)

Our approach for improving the clinic focuses around five pillars:

  1. Compassion Pillar (General Clinic) - We prioritize treating all of our patients with kindness, understanding, and empathy in every encounter. Managed by Jessica Ding ( & Olivia Swonder (

  2. Equity Pillar (Civic Advocacy) - We aim to engage with local legislation that impacts the healthcare and livelihood of residents and their families. Managed by Rachel Feldman (

  3. Accessibility Pillar (Patient Navigation) - We strive to provide and connect patients to affordable and long-term health care services. Managed by Jay-Miguel Fonticella (

  4. Education Pillar (Medical Education) - We hope to empower individuals through health education and enhance the health professions training of our student team. Managed by Eliana Rosenzweig (

  5. Community Pillar (Community Partnership) - We value our connections with local organizations which support residents with a range of social needs beyond the reach of our project. Managed by Jessica Whitman (

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